701 NE 112th Ave, Vancouver, WA

Phone: (360) 892-3974

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At Joe's Place, we carry a large selection of firewood and smoking wood year round.​  We offer soft woods, hard woods and fruit woods in sizes from bundles to full cords, and delivery is available for an additional charge.  Shop early for best selection and special early bird discounts!  Below is a list of what we typically have in stock, but selection is subject to availability.  Call us at (360).892.3974 for more details.

Bundles​ ($6-9)

  • Cedar Kindling

  • Mixed Softwood

    • Typically Fir or Pine​

  • Mixed Hardwood

    • Typically Maple or Alder​

  • Oak

  • Apple

  • Peach

  • Cherry


1/4​ Cord Bins ($60-100)

  • Fir

  • Coastal Pine

  • Oak

  • Mixed Hard Woods

  • Mixed Soft Woods

  • Random Chunks

  • Peach (limited availablity)

  • Cherry (limited availablity)

We offer full cords available for delivery.  Call us at (360).892.3974 for species we have available, pricing and delivery information.