Fresh Pack Pickles
16oz & 32oz jars available

Cucumbers are fresh packed meaning that only freshly harvested cucumbers are put into this product which has a crunchy, mild and sweet & sour taste.

These pickles are delicious straight from the jar as a snack or add to a sandwich or potato salad.  You won't be disappointed!




Joe's Place Farms is proud to carry Kruegermann Pickles and Sauerkraut.  These products are proudly made in the USA from old German family recipes.  Small batches and a commitment to traditional methods set Kruegermann products apart from other mass-produced brands.  Take some home tonight and enjoy the authentic old-world flavors created by this small, family-owned business.


KRUEGERMANN SAUERKRAUT is made the old fashion way using only 3 ingredients; cabbage, salt and water. Cabbage is cleaned, cut and compacted in small batches and allowed to naturally ferment.  No bleaching agents are added to artificially whiten the cabbage.  The sauerkraut quality is outstanding because of the old fashion methods and high quality of raw materials.

Berlin Style
16oz & 32oz jars available
Red Cabbage with Apple
16oz & 32oz jars available

ROTKOHL is a traditional German specialty of sweet and sour red cabbage which is heated and served as a side dish with a meat entree. Kruegermann ROTKOHL is made from an old family recipe. Selected fresh red cabbage is blanched and packed in a mild sweet and sour brine containing apple.


Rotkohl goes along with most meat dishes including roasted pork, beef, chicken, turkey, goose, and duck, and as well with venison and German specialties like rouladen, bratwurst and vienner schnitzel.

Gourmet Pickles are made with the finest ingredients. The German word Hausfrauenart means homemaker style which means that only the best personally selected ingredients can go into this product for your family or guests.

High quality #1 baby cucumbers, mild sweet and sour brine (sweeter than Frischgurken), and Kreugermann's signature blend of spices, onion and herbs.

32oz jars available
Frischgurken & French Style
16oz jars available

CORNICHONS are small, tart pickled gherkins.  Serve as hordouevres, on vegetable plates or with other pickled vegetables. Their size makes them a great finger food for any buffet. The tart flavor pairs well with sharp or mild cheeses, mixed olives and cured meats.

HOT FIESTA MIX is a pickled vegetable salad made of fresh cucumbers, carrots, onion, red bell peppers and cabbage which are sliced or shredded and then packed in a mild sweet and sour salad. The "hot" is a nice, slight bite coming from a touch of chili.


Eat by itself or serve with a meal.

Hot Fiesta Mix
California Fresh
32oz jars available
Sweet & Sour Pickled Red Beets
16 & 32oz jars available

ROTE BEETE is made from steamed beets which are sliced and then packed in sweet and sour brine. Made from the finest beets and packed using the more time consuming old fashion methods.

ROTE BEETE can be eaten by themselves or along with a meal.

From the original Hungarian recipe - savanyu uborka- sour pickles made Hungarian style.  Fresh cucumbers, mild sweet and sour brine, special blend of spices, dill, fresh onion and red chili to give it a zing. 

Hungarian Style
32oz jars available
kruegermann-spicy Uborka_edited.jpg
kruegermann-sour dill.jpg
Sour Dill Gurken
Kosher Style
32oz jars available

SOUR DILL GURKEN is made using a Kosher style recipe. Fresh cucumbers, special blend of spices, dill, mild sour brine and freshly chopped garlic make this an excellent product for garlic lovers.

SPICY GARLIC PICKLES are made using a Mediterranean style recipe. Fresh cucumbers, mild sour brine, a special blend of spices, lots of freshly chopped garlic and red chili made this an excellent addition to a meal when you want something spicy and garlicky. 

Mediterranean Style
32oz jars available
kruegermann-spicy garlic.jpg
Naturally Fermented Dills
In Cloudy Brine
32oz jars available

NATUALLY FERMENTED DILLS are a true genuine dill pickle which is packed in its own cloudy brine. Fermented dills are made from fresh cucumbers, placed in a mild salt solution, which allows naturally occurring Lactobacillus to ferment any sugars present in the cucumbers producing lactic acid. These pickles have a unique flavor which can only be produced with fermentation. After fermentation the cucumbers are packed in a special blend of spices, dill and diluted brine made from the original mild salt solution.

FANCY PEELED PICKLES are made from cucumbers which have had the green outerskin peeled off. The peeling process can only be done manually which makes this product a hand crafted specialty. The cucumbers are halved or quartered and then packed in mild sweet and sour brine along with a special blend of spices, onion and herbs. A true specialty.

Fancy Sweet
32oz jars available
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kruegermann-kraut salad_edited.jpg
Berlin Style
22oz jars available

KRAUT SALAD is a ready to eat salad made with sauerkraut mixed with finely julienned fresh carrots and onion packed in sweetened brine with natural apple flavor. This salad is meant to be eaten cold along with any lunch or dinner.

Krugermann's MIXED PICKLED SALAD is a sweet and sour salad made from julienned fresh cucumber, carrots, onion, bell peppers and string beans. This salad is ready to eat and can be eaten by itself or along with lunch or dinner.

Berlin Style
32oz jars available
kruegermann-MIXED PICKLE SALAD.jpg
Dill Pickles
32oz jars available

HOT HABANERO DILL PICKLES have a deep dill flavor along with a strong citrus note from the habaneros.  A wonderfully flavorful crunchy pickle with just enough heat to remind you to take this pickle seriously

Come in today and sample the flavors of the old world.